Internet of Things (IoT)

Carriers Gear Up for IoT - Are You Ready?

While the UCC suppliers continue to hope that 2018 will be the year that users finally embrace their vision of collaboration and willingly adopt their preferred collaboration tools, the bigger IT market is gearing up for a real change. The change I’m referring to is the Internet of Things (IoT) that will have the potential to impact everyone’s daily lives in countless ways and not just accelerate daytime pursuits of knowledge workers.

Words Matter but Will Communication Service Providers (CSPs)?

Along with seeing UCStrategies colleagues in person, the recent GENBAND/SONUS Perspectives 17 event in Los Angeles provided a rare chance to take the communications sector’s collective temperature. In addition to insightful demos and sessions, the opportunity to spend quality time with executives from the hosts, their partners and leading customers is unfortunately becoming less frequent as every aspect of our industry goes through roiling changes whose pace inexorably quickens. 

Indeed, in terms of the temperature, it is rising. 

Powering Connections with Mitel

Mitel’s Elite Experience Americas conference brought together some of Mitel’s top partners, as well as customers, analysts, and consultants, who enjoyed great food, Texan hospitality, and some not-so-great weather in San Antonio. The theme of the event was “Powering Connections,” and CEO Rich McBee provided the audience with Mitel’s vision for the future.

The Future Of IoT, 5G And M2M In The Automotive Industry

Although many people expect the car of the future to be a self-driving car, there is much more to the digitalization of cars. The concept of a connected car has already taken root in the minds of the experts in the automobile industry. The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and M2M technologies will have a profound impact on the automobile industry in the near future. The GSMA predicts the annual sales of connections for automobiles will reach 91-million units by 2025!

How IoT Customer Experience Works

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an ever-expanding network of connected devices. This network already has over a billion devices connected via the internet. This includes smartphones, laptops, refrigerators, watches, and every other device that can be integrated with a WiFi connection.

Some of these connections are for mere fun. Others are for personal use. Some of the greatest benefits of the IoT come from its impact on medicine and science. However, there's another field where the IoT is making a big difference and that's IoT customer experience.

How It Works.

Watson And The Explosive Growth Of The IoT

It's quite entertaining for people to watch Watson on game shows like Jeopardy. It's amusing to see how this very intelligent computer interacts with famous celebrities, too. These media appearances may seem like they are just for fun; however, they really raise awareness of the very serious business of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Even though Watson seems to have a lot of potential in entertainment, the serious purpose of this very smart computing system is to help manage the explosive growth of the IoT.

Giving Up On Mobile – UC Vendors Move On To IoT

For the past few years it seems that every UC vendor was “mobile first.” After dozens of failed attempts at coming up with a mobile capability any user was interested in, last year something important finally happened for mobile UC. We had figured out long ago that the reason UC vendors couldn’t come out with an acceptable mobile capability was that they were boxed out of the key component for success, access to the device’s native dialer.

M2M, IoT, and UC

Vodafone just released its annual M2M Barometer report. Machine to Machine communications is growing like gangbusters. According to Vodafone's research, 27% of companies surveyed have M2M projects already in place. And 42% of those projects are designed to help companies better connect to their customers.