AVST Acquires Beacon

19 May 2011

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) has recently acquired the assets of Beacon Solutions, Inc. although the financial terms of the deal have not been revealed.

As per the agreement, AVST has acquired Beacon's technology assets, including a set of custom developed vertical CEBP applications for healthcare, education, and government, as well as technical expertise and the company's customer base.

Beacon Solutions is known for developing Communications-Enabled Business Process applications that leverage the UCConnect open development framework that runs with AVST's CallXpress UC platform. With this acquisition, AVST has obtained and secured access to a wide range of CEBP applications, which it hopes will help optimize business processes.

According to Jim Burton of UCStrategies, "We see more and more companies focusing their efforts on improving business processes. Once evaluated, the ROI for automating high frequency tasks is very clear. AVST has built an open and highly extensible UC platform to make CEBP a reality for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of vertical markets. Now is the time for every business to evaluate its own levels of human latency and determine how to make their business run more efficiently."

UCStrategies Expert Blair Pleasant notes, "As AVST moved up the market to bigger enterprises, they've seen more demand for custom applications. With the acquisition of Beacon, AVST is now in a better position to provide these applications to customers, and provide a range of vertical applications, Customers will have access to more applications that leverage their CallXpress platforms, rather than having to work with third-party developers." She adds, "I expect AVST to create applications in some of the verticals the company focuses on, such as higher education, health care, and government, which means that customers in these areas will be able to access common applications rather than working with third parties to develop them themselves. I also expect to see general horizontal communication applications such as password reset and call routing based on ANI number will be developed, making it easier for customers to access them as standard AVST offerings."

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