AVST Enhances Atom Personal Assistant

25 Oct 2015

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) has announced new enhancements to Atom, a mobile personal assistant tool. The latest release, CX-E 8.7, adds new and improved assistance features, along with new support for virtualization and cloud migration.

Atom is a personal assistant that's always running in the background of the user's mobile device, tracking location, presence, and calendar status, as well as providing contextual information to callers. The latest version provides fully automated contextual voice greetings, Wi-Fi network and geo-awareness to provide calls to the best device available, and business caller ID over personal devices. In addition, it can deliver voicemail and faxes to any email or mobile device, and follows voice commands.

With the new updates, AVST offers CX-E support for Microsoft Hyper-V. This allows users to virtualize CX-E, using VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, improving IT efficiency.

CX-E provides UC applications across a range of call control environments, so that it may remain active and effective throughout VoIP transitions. Additionally, AVST's new IP integration to GENBAND EXPERiUS allows it to provide simultaneous call control integrations on premises or the cloud.

"As business communications move towards being more mobile, multimodal, more personalized, and automated for both contact initiators and recipients, organizations must deal with gracefully migrating their existing premise-based telephony communications with new cloud-based services," explains Arthur M. Rosenberg, UC Expert for UCStrategies. "AVST has long provided UC technology support to large, distributed organizations in major vertical markets like government, education, and health care."

Art continues: "Now AVST is raising the business communications bar by adding the power of 'smart personal assistants' to its Atom product for office and mobile communications. Combining natural language user interfaces with contextual status information about individual end users, AVST is making their new release of Atom more powerful and efficient for business conversations between both internal and external end users, wherever they may be."

CX-E 8.7 is available through AVST's resellers. For more information, visit www.avst.com.


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