BT Launches Three New Cloud Solutions to Bridge Technological Gaps

27 Sep 2015

BT has announced the availability of three new cloud-based solutions worldwide. These solutions are designed to help customers integrate collaboration tools and services across technology platforms and vendors, widening their options, providing more freedom of choice, and maintaining a secure user experience.

The three new solutions are all under the "One Cloud" name, with One Cloud video, One Cloud Microsoft, and One Cloud Cisco. The offerings take advantage of BT's experience with bringing together normally incompatible technology platforms, so as to provide a more unified communication experience in complex environments.

One Cloud video is made with video conferencing in mind, adjusting to the shift from conference rooms to multi-vendor environments across computers and mobile devices. One Cloud video helps users schedule and join video conferences across different platforms and devices, allowing for video conferencing through MeetMe video or Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms.

One Cloud Microsoft is made to bring Skype and Microsoft Lync together in a "Skype for Business" proposition. BT One Cloud Microsoft customers can engage in conferences with anyone inside or outside of their organization, even if they're not using One Cloud Microsoft.

Last but not least, there's One Cloud Cisco, which is designed to address the needs of organizations with voice and desktop technologies that just don't mix. It helps bridge the gaps between the technologies and add collaboration services, including BT MeetMe, Cisco WebEX, and Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms. Those services can be added to the One Cloud Cisco collaborate license as needed.

BT's goal is to create what is described as a "cloud of clouds," which allows customers to connect to their applications no matter where they are hosted or based. The company aims to help move customers through their cloud journey, providing choices and roadmaps to help them reach the desired results.

"This is a very interesting evolution of multiple 'as a service offers'," says Dave Michels, UC Expert for UCStrategies. "Cloud services are generally integration friendly, and now BT takes that a step further. A 'cloud of clouds' can facilitate integrations across some very popular enterprise services with improved quality of service and security. This will offer enterprise customers the benefits of cloud simplicity to an otherwise very complex set of super services."

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