Broadcore Brings Support for Wireless Telephony

23 Jun 2010

Broadcore recently introduced support for wireless telephony for enterprises, which will provide seamless integration of users' desk phones and wireless headsets.

This solution is provided by Broadcore integrating its scalable, extensible software platform with Polycom's DECT wireless servers and wireless handsets. It not only eliminates the need for non-standard cabling, but simplifies administration and maintenance, reduces costs, and improves employee mobility and connectivity.

"Broadcore's fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) initiative using DECT technology is unique in my experience," says UCStrategies UC Expert Michael Finneran. "Other hosted providers have deployed FMC using dual mode Wi-Fi/cellular solutions like those from DiVitas and Agito, but this is the first I've seen that employs DECT technology. Long used in Europe, DECT does offer some advantages over Wi-Fi in terms of battery life, QoS, and coverage footprint, but it is essentially a voice-only technology. The good news is that a DECT deployment will not interfere with an existing Wi-Fi network as the two operate at completely different frequencies. However, if the DECT part of the solution is to support the full range of unified communications capabilities, it will require some additions and those will be difficult to provide given the technology's limited data capabilities."

Broadcore's Communications-as-a-Service includes business class IP telephony, unified voicemail, instant messaging, presence, conferencing, mobility, video calling, call center, call recording and accounting, SIP trunking, managed broadband access, and custom business process integration. To suit the needs of business from small to large, it supports a variety of Polycom wireless handsets.

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