Citrix NetScaler Controller Monitors Mobile and Web Apps

31 Mar 2013

The NetScaler application delivery controller of Citrix Systems is being broadened in order to include mobile, virtual desktop and Web application traffic monitoring and troubleshooting.

Administrators will be able to highlight problems of Citrix's NetScaler Insight Center, particularly any issues of sluggish application performance. This could be due to problems inside or outside the firewall. According to the director of Citrix's Cloud Networking Group, Graham Melville, Citrix's AppFlow analytics technology is utilized in order to alter policies in real time, and makes sure that mission-critical apps remain up and running if problems should occur.

Finger-pointing, which can happen when application performance falls, can be prevented via the NetScaler Insight Center, and allows organizations to collate data for business intelligence purposes, according to Melville. He said: "You can buy computer resources from Amazon et al but they don't allow you to sniff the network to see what's going on."

Business intelligence has been disrupted by cloud computing, and data center tools adapted for three-tier architecture are not useful any more. With NetScaler Insight Center, however, Citrix can focus on the need for simpler analytics in environments with ambiguous virtual infrastructure and Web apps boundaries.

Melville stated: "IT groups need better tools because putting agents into devices, dealing with the mass of data that comes back and trying to do analytics on that data, is hard and expensive."

Two modules for NetScaler Insight Center are provided by the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Citrix; these are HDX Insight and Web Insight.

HDX Insight monitors and troubleshoots XenApp and XenDesktop environments as well as the additional apps which are operating. Melville said: "When apps slow down, desktop administrators can determine whether the issue is on the network side or the application side. This could be used by the customer itself or by a reseller that's providing services to its customers."

Web Insight includes monitoring of Web applications in NetScaler environments, and these include application and client traffic. Melville said: "There is a lot of information in the packets coming through we can analyze and tell you what's going on in the network. We can see what apps and OS are running and also see what latency in the network looks like and what roundtrip times are."

The Citrix software download on the company's website includes the NetScaler Insight Center. (CY) Link



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