Cloud Service Provider ADTRAN Releases Improved WLAN Offering

27 Feb 2013

It has been announced that a number of improvements and changes have been made to ADTRAN, Inc.'s Bluesocket WLAN software provision. Flexibility is key to the new Bluesocket WLAN edition design, and three deployment options are given to MSPs. This can then be passed on to SMB customers who seek to meet increasing demands for BYOD in the workplace.

Resale, Managed WLAN, and Cloud-hosted WLAN are the three different options for deployment that are available with the improved and upgraded Bluesocket WLAN. As a result of this recent news, it will now be possible for customers to easily move between the three options which are now available.

Furthermore, a single virtual platform can be accessed by system admins, from any device, and can also be used to view any network model needs. Extra enhancements and additions which was announced with the news included the new enhanced user statistic storage time (up to 30 days), support for Bluesocket 1900 Access Points, improved reporting and multi-user/multi-permission level capabilities.

Other features were also enhanced, and are available to read about here.

According to the General Manager of ADTRAN's Bluesocket Business Group, Mads Lillelund, "BYOD adoption is increasing across enterprises resulting in a scramble to upgrade wireless networks. At the same time IT budgets are being squeezed due to economic uncertainty. The new enhancements in our Bluesocket vWLAN solution are breaking the current silos of resale and hosted WLAN with a solution that offers enterprises the flexibility to choose the deployment options that best meets their business needs."

ADTRAN is a key provider of cloud connectivity, virtual mobility and enterprise communications solutions. The new BYOD Network Suite is expected to allow businesses to handle the network demand created by the growth of Wi-Fi enabled devices. (CY) Link


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