Comprehensive WebRTC Ecosystem Report Available

14 Dec 2014

WebRTC is poised to transform the communications marketplace. With Microsoft announcing support for WebRTC and agreements on codecs, adoption is escalating. There is a wide range of companies delivering WebRTC-based solutions, tools and components. How do you keep track of what is happening in this transformational world? The WebRTC Ecosystem Report is the most comprehensive description and analysis of companies and offerings based on WebRTC technology that has ever been produced. The report contains a directory of 200+ WebRTC vendors along with their products and services, organized categorically for easy reference or thorough market research. The report uses the WebRTC Ecosystem framework, developed by top industry analysts, to provide a structure for understanding the WebRTC marketplace along with comprehensive analysis and detailed profiles covering companies that have a WebRTC-based commercial offering. The WebRTC Ecosystem framework has 30 defined segments based on types of products and capabilities that each vendor is delivering. Visit the WebRTC World site for an overview of the ecosystem and the segments. These detailed profiles cover every company known to the authors at the time of publication - every size and kind of company - from communications industry leaders transitioning to WebRTC-enabled infrastructure to WebRTC-based startups poised to disrupt the communications market.

WebRTC Ecosystem

Designed for investors, analysts, vendors, partners, end users, and developers, the 2014 WebRTC Ecosystem Report provides its readers a framework for categorizing WebRTC products and services along with deep insights into how this market works and who the players are. It describes 30 different product or service segments and indexes each of the 210 provider companies based on those segments in the WebRTC Ecosystem framework. The report is 686 pages and includes 493 diagrams.

The report was prepared by Kelcor and PKE Consulting, thought leaders in the WebRTC revolution. The report is available through WebRTC World, the leading WebRTC web site and knowledge base. Visit WebRTC World to learn more about both the WebRTC Ecosystem and the WebRTC Ecosystem Report.


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