Enghouse Releases EICC 8.0

29 Apr 2014

Enghouse Interactive has introduced the latest version of the Enghouse Interactive Communication Center (EICC). Version 8.0 of EICC, previously known as Zeacom Communications Center, capitalizes on Zeacom's TouchPoint agent interface.

TouchPoint serves as the center of Enghouse Interactive's product portfolio, providing one-click access to a suite of applications that can help improve agent performance. Version 8.0 of the EICC adds multi-channel handling to TouchPoint, as well as improving the toolkit to better manage customer interactions.

EICC 8.0 includes the Knowledge Management System, which automatically provides agents with information relating to a customer's requests or previous purchases, or offers a script designed to guide the agent through the entire conversation. It also includes enhanced business intelligence and quality management tools, such as agent activity metrics and integration with the Quality Management Suite to support call and desktop recording.

Additionally, EICC has enhanced scalability with Microsoft Lync, and is capable of supporting contact centers with hundreds of agents and supervisors. It also adds new tools for Lync contact centers, such as the Survey module. Also on the Microsoft front, TouchPoint has integration with Microsoft Windows tablets, enabling supervisors to manage their teams on the floor without losing access or visibility to their contact center management systems.

According to Blair Pleasant, UCStrategies co-founder, "Zeacom notes that 'Happy agents' is their focus, and is providing functions to improve the agent experience. The new interface adds contextual capabilities to make it easier for agents to focus on relevant information to more efficiently handle customer interactions." She adds, "The new user interface is available in nine languages, expanding the company's global reach, and is important to global organizations."

EICC 8.0 is available now, in nine languages, including English, German, Russian, French, Italian, and Simplified Chinese. For more information, visit www.enghouseinteractive.com.


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