Envision Group Ranked Top 10 in the MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies

29 Jun 2019

MIT Technology Review explained that "Envision has created the world's leading AIoT operating system – EnOS™ — to build a 'smart machine social network' that integrates in real time 100 GW of energy assets and 60 million smart devices, including: wind turbines, PV panels, energy storage systems, charging piles, electric vehicles and other equipment. With EnOS™, Envision can help integrate increasing amounts of renewable energy into the future energy system so as to accelerate energy transformation worldwide."

MIT Technology Review applauded Envision's strategic vision of a future energy system of "new coal, new oil, and a new grid", alongside renewables, energy storage, batteries and energy AIoT. Envision has also recently completed new strategic deployments centering on wind energy, AESC, and the EnOS™.

According to MIT Technology Review, the definition of 'smart' is the ability to create an innovative business path that leverages the key strengths of emerging technologies to generate momentum for industrial transformation. Envision foresaw the huge opportunities for AIoT to drive energy transformation. Using its AIoT operating system EnOS™, Envision transformed the energy industry with the advanced insights provided by AIoT, creating an entirely new, future-oriented energy ecosystem. Today, Envision provides connection and collaboration services, and advanced products and solutions, ranging from upstream renewable energy generation to downstream distributed power for consumption. It aims to create synergies in cross-power generation, buildings, factories, energy storage, transportation and city management.

As the world's leader in energy technology, Envision Group is also one of the top five wind turbine brands in the world, redefining the industry with its technologies. Envision has been a technological pioneer in the wind power industry over the past 12 years, from low speed wind turbines, to smart wind turbines and smart wind farms, to turbines with tall flexible towers and distributed wind turbines, and then to the smart operations and maintenance of the global wind farms by AI and IoT technologies.

As a top 3 EV battery technology company in China, Envision AESC has an excellent safety and quality record. To date, the lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Envision AESC in Japan, the US and Europe have been installed in over 450,000 electric vehicles with zero critical malfunctions (such as spontaneous combustion). Envision AESC is redefining the battery industry and future energy systems using AIoT technology.

Leveraging its AIoT technology, Envision not only helps enterprises achieve digital transformation but also collaborates with governments to realize their smart city visions. In Singapore, the EnOS™ is helping the government accelerate the development of next generation IoT-based solutions in their digitalization goals. The Government Technology Agency (Govtech) is using EnOS™ to develop in-house device management and data acquisition systems to fulfill the Smart Nation vision of Singapore.


Envision's mission is to 'solve challenges for a sustainable future'. The company is committed to creating a world of Beautiful Energy where everyone has access to clean, secure and affordable energy.

Envision is a leading energy technology company with deep industry expertise. It owns the world-leading Intelligent IoT Operating System, EnOS, which currently manages over 100 GW of energy assets globally. Founded in 2007, Envision's is currently also one of the industry's leading wind power and battery technology companies.

Envision's primary business divisions are Envision Energy, Envision Digital, Envision AESC and Envision Venture. We also provide products and services such as Smart Wind Turbine, Smart Solar, EV batteries, energy storage, Smart Building and Smart City solutions.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Envision has regional offices across Asia, Europe, North and South America and has established global R&D and engineering centres in Singapore, Denmark, Germany, the United States and Japan. By integrating with technology partners such as Sonnen, ChargePoint, AutoGrid, and Bazefield, Envision is able to deliver Intelligent IoT platform and smart city ecosystem.

For more information, please visit: www.envision-group.com  

SOURCE Envision Group

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