Five Ways for SMBs to Succeed Using Unified Communications

31 Jul 2011

The Changing Communication Landscape for SMBs

Communication in this complex world needs to be simple and intuitive; as technology advances the need to connect with others becomes even stronger - especially for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Small and medium businesses, defined as companies with fewer than 1,000 employees, have unique needs, and must be competitive with other companies of their size, as well as large enterprises in order to succeed.

Changes in the workplace present challenges and opportunities for SMBs. Today 90% of people work at least some time outside of their office1. The multitude of devices and communication channels most of us use in our daily lives can make it even more difficult to communicate efficiently and easily. To meet these challenges, leading-edge companies are turning to Unified Communications (UC) to let workers be effective both outside and inside the office, by connecting to all different devices, applications, and other communications systems they use, while making communications richer, easier, and more intuitive.

The good news is many SMBs have been using elements of UC without even knowing it. Today, thanks to new products and services aimed at the SMB market, companies of all sizes can use these solutions to improve their business communications.


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