Fonality Enhances HUD Video Collaboration

27 Jan 2016

Fonality is providing new video collaboration enhancements to its Heads Up Display (HUD). With these new features, users can now schedule and manage meetings, as well as access new features for more efficient and effective video collaboration.

Fonality Video Collaboration, powered by Zoom, allows users to use screen sharing, chat, meeting recording, and many other features through Fonality HUD. The new features were chosen based on common customer requests, and can be accessed through a single user interface.

Among the new features are meeting scheduling and management, allowing users to plan and update video collaboration meetings in advance, through a built-in Scheduling Wizard. Additionally, a Meeting History feature allows users to find the recordings of past meetings by date and time, for easier management. A new screen-sharing feature allows users to start screen-sharing sessions by selecting a contact or group.

Meeting participants and users now receive a unique meeting ID, designed to make scheduling meetings and inviting participants simpler. Additional meeting participants can join in the calls, as Fonality Video Collaboration now supports up to 50 video and 125 audio participants.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies, "Thanks to video applications like Skype and Facetime, people are more comfortable using video capabilities, and the demand for video in the workplace has been rapidly increasing. By accessing video collaboration capabilities from the HUD client, Fonality customers can more easily set up and participate in video collaboration sessions, making them more productive and effective."

Fonality Video Collaboration is available at no additional cost for owners of the company's Ultimate Edition. Those with the Professional Edition can purchase it as an add-on.

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