Future Collaboration - How the Executive Suite has Become the Change Agent for UC Deployments

16 Jan 2017

We at UCStrategies have long advocated the importance of executive sponsorship for UC deployments. However, it is often a challenge to get the executive team interested in something that is often seen as a tool and is not easily linked to business results. While most executives agree that providing their employees with great tools to collaborate and work better is critical, making that a focus of the organization is often challenging. With the new UC tools, a new capability is emerging that is causing the executive suite to take notice; that is, the ability to have large conferences or broadcasts.

All great executives realize that corporate culture is critical to an organization's success, but in the words of the sage, "I can identify great culture when I see it, but defining it is harder." In fact, communications and transparency are critical to building the culture of an organization. Michael Coates, leader of Hill+Knowlton Strategies wrote in the article "Five factors to make your corporate culture effective," that three of the key factors are: consistent communications, celebrating success, and being transparent. More and more executives are using the new tools of video broadcast to maintain a regular and consistent interaction across the organization. However, the tools for this today are typically a separate platform with relatively high costs. This has limited the use of this effective way to build culture to a few events every year or quarter.

Many UC vendors are now including the capability to have large group broadcasts as part of their platform. For example, in the cloud Office 365 version of Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB), the Skype Meeting Broadcast feature is included. This allows for a broadcast with up to 10,000 attendees, enabling companies deploying Office 365 SfB to do as many of these as they want. This opens the door to using this highly effective way of communicating and building organizational culture for use across the organization. When CEOs and other executives realize that these tools enable them to drive the culture for success that is needed in today's competitive markets, the interest in UC and deployments explodes.

Modality and its partner Kollective have been working with organizations both to deploy traditional UC and to enable and exploit this new capability. On February 7th and 9th, the companies will be hosting a webinar, "The Future of Collaboration - Video Communications Platforms & The Skype For Business Revolution." The webinar will feature John Lamb, co-founder and president of Modality Systems, Microsoft Communications Partner of the Year, and Todd Johnson, president of Kollective, a leader in video communication platform solutions.

John and Todd will talk about:

  • Their experience in working with executives and organizations to enable powerful new communications and collaboration modalities.
  • How top-down use of constant and consistent communications with transparency and the intimacy of video is changing how organizations relate.
  • Specific examples of organizations that have adopted UC for more than just collaboration and are using it up and down the organization to build a collaborative team culture, and organizational effectiveness.
  • How to use these concepts to drive executive sponsorship and to get projects approved and budgeted.
  • The best practices they use to ensure that their clients and customers can attain the goals they are aiming for.

They will also discuss some of the challenges they have seen in major SfB and Skype Meeting Broadcast deployments. Challenges include getting management teams to use video for constant and consistent communications, as well as the state of the network and the ability to manage large volumes of video traffic. They will provide insights into how to manage network readiness.

The discussion will focus on both driving adoption and business outcomes for both general UC and the new broadcast capabilities with the executive suite in mind as delivered from executives. They will highlight specific organizations that have achieved measurable business outcomes through UC and video broadcast.

This is an important webinar for Executives, UC decision makers, and UC/telecom staff to attend. Understanding this new and potentially powerful capability of modern UC suites can be critical for UC success, while also driving corporate effectiveness and success in an ever more competitive marketplace. Register to attend HERE.

This paper was sponsored by Modality.




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