Genesys Connects Customer Service Agents With Mobile Apps

16 Apr 2012

Genesys has launched a new customer care solution, an application that connects smartphone users with agents in contact centers and beyond instantly. Genesys Mobile Engagement, introduced at Genesys' G-Force customer event, is designed to empower customers who need live support quickly, and provides increased context to help personalize the mobile customer experience while empowering agents with the information they need.

With Genesys Mobile Engagement, customers can not only connect with customer service quickly and easily, but the contact center agents also receive important information such as conversation history. With the use of a live connect button, customers can get a live agent's assistance through voice, chat, SMS, or video, while context, history, and customer information gets shared immediately to help the agent. The customer's location is provided via GPS to help with decision making, while customers can control and schedule when they should be contacted and receive notifications of relevant service updates by SMS or automated voice calls.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies, "More and more customers are reaching out to companies for service and support via mobile devices, and many companies have responded by providing mobile customer service apps that customers can download. However, Genesys recognized that while customers have been downloading companies' customer service apps, there's been little usage of these apps, with very little or no customer engagement taking place." She adds, "There's still a gap in the mobile customer experience, and there is certainly no customer stickiness or loyalty. Genesys is trying to take transactional apps and experiences and make them 'conversational,' giving people the ability to connect to live service in a mobile environment."

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