Google Drive Falters, but Service Swiftly Restored

By UCStrategies Staff
24 Mar 2013

A week ago, Google Drive, a free online storage venue, reported an outage; service was restored shortly afterwards.

The malfunction occurred at 7:17 a.m. Eastern time, according to Google's AppStatus dashboard, and the company received word of the interruption to the service shortly before beginning its investigation into the error. The company stated, around an hour afterwards, that a "significant subset of users" was experiencing access issues.

Storage restoration was underway at 11:55 a.m., according to the company, and the service for some users had already been restored by that time.

Shortly after this, another follow-up announcement stated that service had been restored fully, and the company offered an apology for the interruption; there was no reference to what may have caused the issue.

According to Twitter, a large number of users were affected by the malfunction, but a small number of people noted that the service continued uninterrupted. Access continued in some cases, but was much slower that the speeds which users are more familiar with.

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage facility, and supports a range of media including photographs, videos, audio files, documents, etc. The service was unveiled last year as an alternative to DropBox, and is highly used in the consumer space; it is also used by some businesses both on authorized and unauthorized bases. (CY) Link