Interactive Intelligence Provides Content Management Products to American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance

27 Aug 2010

In an attempt to improve efficiency and customer service, American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance Company has purchased content management products from Interactive Intelligence. It is deploying the AcroSoft Documents and AcroSoft ScanPlus products to its claims and policy departments, which will be used by more than 170 employees upon completion of the deployment.

Interactive Intelligence's AcroSoft Documents and ScanPlus products are part of its content management solution, which is designed to streamline insurance processes by making digital documents for easy and effective storage, access, and routing.

"When it comes to business process work flow performance, it is not enough to just have fast access to people (person-to-person contacts) or even process-to-person (CEBP), but for both people and processes to have fast access to the contextual information they need," says Art Rosenberg of UCStrategies. "Interactive Intelligence has taken responsibility for supporting fast information content management by developing their AcroSoft Documents and AcroSoft ScanPlus product solutions to digitize and organize business documents generated by the insurance industry workflow. Such information will prove even more useful when the business process is ready to automate monitoring and notifications to specific people (CEBP) via UC flexibilities."

Rosenberg adds, "Although this content management solution is critical for converting any paper files to digital formats, it's role will change when some file information is generated directly using self-service online applications. However, documents will always need scanning for archival storage and retrieval."

AFR had reviewed multiple vendors before choosing Interactive Intelligence, but deemed ININ to offer a better focus on the insurance industry and provide products that are easy to use with a low cost of ownership. Consequently, AFR predicts additional cost savings thanks to the reduced infrastructure when the company moves to a new headquarters next year. The return-on-investment has shown positive results, and AFR expects to complete deployment later this year.

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