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Kronos Releases Its Workforce Tablet for Enterprise Workforce Management

12 Nov 2012

Kronos, a cloud WFM solutions provider, announced the release of its Workforce Tablet, a tablet-based application that delivers location-specific workforce management (WFM) information in real time. The tablet app is developed for the iPad, and it is said to provide managers with anytime, anyplace instant connection to the Kronos Workforce Central suite.

Kronos' Workforce Tablet is said to usher in the convenience of a WFM mobile app alongside the processing power and usability of an iPad. Equipped with industry-specific virtual dashboards, KPIs, and managers' reports, the analytics for tablet can aid in decision-making by recommending real-time adjustments to maintain workforce productivity.

The Workforce Tablet lets managers who oversee multiple departments identify specific locations, relevant employees, schedule, and job information. The GeoSensing feature allows relevant labor information to be front and center, thus doing away with the tedious search process.

Using Kronos' WFM solution, managers can then generate open shifts, modify pay codes, and reassign shifts to different employees. To make schedule adjustments, managers can easily edit shifts and view reports in real time to check how the overtime hours are affecting operations. In addition, the Workforce Tablet is said to give a visual indication of any understaffing or overstaffing.

Another feature of the cloud-based Workforce Tablet includes providing managers with the capability to approve time cards, view maps where mobile employees make their time punches, and edit with a single tap the exceptions to employee time cards such as late and early time punches.

"Tablet devices are brilliant. With the portability of a smartphone and screen real estate that often exceeds a laptop or desktop, they offer the best of both worlds and are revolutionizing the way businesses are run," wrote Bill Bartow, vice president for global product management at Kronos. "By providing managers with tablet access to their workforce management solution anywhere at any time, we enable them to effectively manage in the moment using common swipe, scroll, pinch, and tap gestures. Workforce Tablet takes mobile workforce management to the next level."

"The use of the tablet is changing the way business operates and our Next Generation Workforce Management benchmark research already finds that 28 percent of organizations have them and 34 percent more will deploy them for the first time in 2013. The Kronos Tablet provides managers with the applications and analytics to be more productive and align to the critical goals and initiatives of their organization," said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. (KOM) Link


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