New Nimsoft Service Desk Version Launched by CA

By UCStrategies Staff
25 Jul 2013

A revamped version of the CA Nimsoft Service Desk Solution, a SaaS-based program developed with an interface based on social collaboration systems, was recently unveiled by CA Technologies. Using this tool, users will be able to access a database of fixes for common business application issues, including a network with peers and industry experts to resolve the problem.

The General Manager of IT Business Management at CA Technologies, Lokesh Jindal, said: "Increasingly, IT is less about command-and-control and more about engineering a set of virtualized hybrid cloud resources that the business can access on-demand. With CA Nimsoft Service Desk, we have designed and delivered a solution that IT can use to automate and deliver business services without getting bogged down in writing a bunch of inflexible code, tapping into its limited capital budget, or ripping-and-replacing existing resources that still have genuine value."

The new NSD from CA includes three key enhancements; these are updated mobility options, self-service/cloud automation and integration with complementary solutions. Customers will be able to develop and monitor their vital ticket information from any device, with updated mobility options. The new self-service functionality means that employees will be in control of troubleshooting and implementation, and finally, the new NSD version works well with other third-party service desks, like Cisco Smarts and SAP Solution Manager. It is possible to put the solution into place quickly, and it is available via two subscription options. (CY) Link