OAISYS Provides New Call Recording Solutions

28 Jul 2010

OAISYS has announced the release of the latest versions of its Talkument and Tracer software solutions, designed to enhance technology and improve functions for public safety agents and call centers, available now for early-adopter field trials.

The enhancements for version 6.2 are compatible with a wide variety of business communications systems, and promise to help companies improve customer service while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

"The availability of multi-track and variable speed playback is mission critical for those involved in delivering 911 services," says UCStrategies UC Expert Samantha Kane. "Incident re-creation admissible for court ensures the integrity of the recordings while Real time playback means that important information can be re-checked for accuracy, saving time when seconds count. This is necessary for both the PSAP first responder and larger enterprise organizations with a command center for security. A good business solution where UC attributes plays a critical role in the resolution of a business issue."

Talkument takes digital recordings of authorized phone conversations using OAISYS Portable Voice Document technology, where they can be shared with other users and personnel to improve accuracy and collaboration. The new features include incident reconstruction and portable incident replay, ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center integration, and many others.

Talkument and Tracer version 6.2 will be introduced at the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International 76th Annual Conference and Expo, from August 1-4 in Houston. OAISYS is accepting customers who want to participate in field trials, but spaces are limited.

For more information, visit www.oaisys.com.


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