OVCC Leaders Address Enterprise-Grade Video, New Business Models at Enterprise Connect

15 Mar 2015

New OVCC Service Providers can jump-start OVCC compliance process to extend their service reach with free six-month membership promotion

SAN RAMON, Calif. - March 11, 2015 - OVCC President Clive Sawkins and Brad Lewis, OVCC secretary, will provide insight into current enterprise visual communications choices and challenges for Enterprise Connect audiences in Orlando. Sawkins and Lewis will discuss both their individual corporate experiences and the OVCC network's collective experience in providing reliable and secure enterprise-grade video across networks and firewalls for customers.

Lewis will participate in the "Video Conferencing as a Service: Will the Consumerization Strategy Carry the Day?" panel March 17, and Sawkins will discuss "Video Bridging: New Technologies and Business Models" in a March 18 panel.

OVCC members support mass adoption of video. Internet-based video has allowed enterprises to expand information workers' video use, but Internet video is not the full story, Lewis said. For business-critical meetings, enterprises still demand the security and reliability of MPLS based video conferencing, and many enterprises do not allow any Internet-based video conferencing for internal use. The adoption of Internet-based video within the enterprise is an expansion to current deployments, but service providers must provide a hybrid approach to video conferencing in their offers.

Exciting new technologies stimulate video use, creating opportunities including increased productivity and travel cost savings. However, when organizations around the world add new technologies to the IT mix, they create islands of capabilities that can limit their usefulness. Sawkins will show how service providers can use best practices to deliver new technology benefits without the hassle.

OVCC members have created a secure network of interconnected service providers to expand the availability and reliability of video services, growing the overall business use of visual and collaborative communications. Their commitment to customers is to simplify and provide an outstanding customer service experience.

With OVCC compliance, service providers can offer customers secure and reliable video calls without advanced scheduling across networks, increasing the ease and use of video.

Free Runway to OVCC Compliance

This year, new OVCC service providers can use the Jump-Start OVCC Membership promotion to become OVCC compliant or begin the compliance process to offer customers OVCC compliant services. The first six months of the membership are free.

The promotion requires new service provider members to join at the "participant" membership level during 2015 and initiate or complete the OVCC compliance process for managed service providers or subscribing service providers, which resell OVCC compliant services. Contact [email protected] for details or to apply for a free six-month compliance runway membership.

About OVCC

Open Visual Communications Consortium is a group of global video exchange providers, network providers and equipment manufacturers that have united to expand video communications and simplify video calls. OVCC members will create multi-vendor, multi-network specifications offering a technical blueprint and business model to support the full spectrum of video systems, from immersive telepresence and room-based systems, to high definition and standard definition, and from desktop clients to mobile devices. Join the OVCC by visiting us at ovcc.net and subscribe to the OVCC interest list for updates and news on OVCC activities and opportunities.

Open Visual Communications Consortium is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

For more information on UCStrategies.com about the OVCC, visit www.ucstrategies.com/ovcc/.


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