OnSeen Unveils Its LiveCare Technology Solution to Developmental...

24 Oct 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio (PRWEB) October 25, 2019

OnSeen, Inc. announced today that it is unveiling its LiveCare Technology Solution to Ohio Developmental Disabilities Providers at the 2019 OPRA Fall Conference. LiveCare is a transformative technology solution for DD Service Providers that seamlessly connects Consumers, In-Home Caregivers, Provider Supervisors and Managers, and Guardians through an affordable, easy-to-use, mobile-web platform. In doing so, LiveCare: (1) increases the efficiency and reduces the cost of in-home Caregiver admin tasks; (2) increases the mobility of DD Consumers to attend outside appointments and activities; and (3) provides electronic visit verification (“EVV”) of Caregivers at the Consumer’s residence. LiveCare supports the collective missions of OPRA, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohio DD Community by helping DD Providers improve service delivery so that individuals with developmental disabilities can lead increasingly independent, productive, and integrated lives.

LiveCare for the Ohio DD community is comprised of 3 modules: (1) Consumer Financial Account Management Module; (2) Consumer Transportation Management Module; and (3) Caregiver Appointment and Task Management Module. With these three modules, LiveCare provides real-time, 360 degree visibility and control of Consumer financial account management, Consumer transportation, and in-home Caregiver processes. OnSeen partnered with ViaQuest, a leading DD Service and Transportation Provider, to implement LiveCare to manage its in-home Consumer financial account management and Consumer transportation management processes. “Our administrative processes prior to LiveCare were mostly manual and less efficient than we wanted. At the same time, communications with and visibility to our in-residence Caregiver activities were inherently delayed and restricted,” said Rich Johnson, CEO of ViaQuest. “Given our mission to transform the way home care services are delivered, we are excited to partner with OnSeen to implement LiveCare so we can improve the efficiency of our in-residence care processes, lower our administrative costs, and improve the service delivery and experience for our Consumers.”

OnSeen is offering 2019 OPRA Fall Conference attendees a 25 percent discount on all LiveCare Fees, including its upfront implementation fees and ongoing monthly SaaS fees. Any 2019 OPRA Fall Conference Attendee who schedules an appointment with a member of the OnSeen Executive Team during the Conference is eligible for this Special Offer. “The principal objective of our LiveCare Solution is to help home healthcare providers deliver higher quality service and more positive experiences for persons with developmental disabilities.” said Mike Lanese, CEO of OnSeen. “We are thrilled to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2019 OPRA Fall Conference and to make this Special Offer to this amazing group of Providers that deliver critical services to Ohio DD Community.”

About OnSeen:
OnSeen is a Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) solution. Its command and control platform for mobile workforces and teams helps organizations coordinate their people, places, and things. The OnSeen mobile team solution connects all the stakeholders involved in a remote field process (e.g. home office management, field staff or contractors, customers, partners). With OnSeen, managers can dispatch, monitor, and task their remote team members, provide real-time status updates to all stakeholders with a vested interest in the process, and facilitate tightly integrated collaboration across their remote teams. OnSeen currently serves the insurance, government, and transportation sectors. The common thread among clients in these verticals is a need for a tool that provides real-time situational awareness, resource allocation, intelligent routing, workforce collaboration and communication for their inherently mobile teams.