Orange Launches Business Together Sharespace Social Network

4 Oct 2015

Orange Business Services is attempting to increase collaboration and employee engagement with a new enterprise social network. This new network, called Business Together Sharespace, is available to companies with 500 or more users, and is designed to improve cross-functional business collaboration by increasing communication and sharing between employees.

Business Together Sharespace, which is developed in a partnership with Jive, integrates into a user's workspace. It lets users interact and share information in real time, not only between co-workers, but also with collaborators outside the company. Everyone stays in the loop, and everyone can contribute.

The solution is made with the intent of fostering innovation and new ideas, offering discussion threads, polls, blogs, and activity streams. It comes with an application that analyzes user preferences and interests, then suggests relevant information and lets users identify contacts and access content important to them.

Users can access Business Together Sharespace from their computers, tablets, or smart phones. It's delivered as a managed, cloud-based solution, and provides personalized management tools, so that users can reach it from their devices of choice no matter where they are, and customize it to their needs.

Business Together Sharespace is the latest addition to Orange's Business Together suite - a series of products designed to improve productivity by enhancing communication and collaboration. By providing real-time sharing and conversation, it provides a social media level of communication, but focused on a business environment, so that employees can stay in touch with their colleagues.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies, "Social media and collaboration tools are helping workers be more productive and to communicate more easily in order to share information, leading to significant business results. Working with Jive, Orange's new service adds a new tool that enterprises can leverage." She adds, "While it's not clear how Business Together Sharespace 'exceeds the capabilities of more traditional collaborative social networks,' as a telecom operator and system integator, Orange has the ability to provide a more complete collaborative and social service to its customers."

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