Panasonic Takes on Hospitality Industry with New Unified Communication Solutions

21 Feb 2018

NEWARK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, today announced its Series of Hospitality Solutions, a set of scalable, cost-effective unified communications solutions designed to support the specific needs of the hospitality industry. Leveraging MTS’ Property Management System interface (PMSi) technology, Panasonic is helping hospitality industry professionals improve staff productivity, save on costs and enhance guest experiences. In addition to these benefits, the new offering can fully integrate with existing property management system (PMS) software.

Panasonic’s Series of Hospitality Solutions enable hotel staff and event service providers to seamlessly integrate all hotel and connected third party systems into a single, unified interface. By giving hotel staff and event service providers the ability to bring a wide range of devices onto a single network, they can execute various Front Office System (FOS) control tasks to ensure fewer communication interruptions and increase productivity. The end result gives staff the ability to address guest needs quicker, ensuring a better overall experience.

The solution set is made up of four components: Panasonic KX-NS Communications Systems, Panasonic DECT Wireless Handsets, Panasonic Media Relay Gateway and a PMSi powered by MTS to improve business efficiency and automation. The KX-NS Communications Systems offer built-in unified messaging and auto attendant options to improve call flow efficiency and customer service and scale based on need to reduce costs and offer flexibility. The DECT Wireless Handsets and Media Relay Gateway enable seamless call hand-over throughout a facility without transmission interruption, ensuring employees can be reached while remote and offering back office communication support for seamless operations.

“Given the rapid evolution of the hospitality industry, professionals are looking to make strategic technology investments that increase revenue and growth for facilities, maximize flexibility and productivity for employees and keep guests engaged,” said Oliver Bodden, product manager of unified communications at Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. “With the launch of our hospitality solutions, Panasonic is offering an array of cutting-edge unified communications solutions that enable a better user experience for industry professionals and guests. We’re proud to offer unified communications solutions that can help hotels and other facilities increase guest satisfaction and provide better service while improving employee productivity.”

“MTS is pleased to partner with Panasonic North America to provide innovative solutions to the hospitality industry,” said Harel Nahar, director of strategic accounts at MTS. “With MTS’s PMSi and Call Accounting Solutions we seamlessly integrate with Panasonic’s Hospitality Solutions. This provides enhanced communications between third party systems, which in turn delivers an exceptional guest experience and increases owner/operator efficiencies.”

Key Solutions:

  • KX-NS700 Compact Hybrid Communications Platform supports legacy digital infrastructures and provides a seamless migration path for businesses transitioning to IP with a flexible, cost-effective solution capable of scaling to meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile and evolving business environment.
  • KX-NS1000 Large-Capacity IP Communications Platform enables organizations to unify and integrate a wide range of devices onto a single network through centralized, multi-site or web-based programming. The platform supports communication for up to 1,000 users and 16 branch locations.
  • DECT Wireless Handsets replace expensive, legacy walkie-talkie systems and offer an ideal mobility solution for hotels and lodging operations professionals looking to be reached anywhere on the property.
  • Media Relay Gateway lets employees turn their smartphones into extensions of their desktop phones using an app, allowing them the flexibility to be reached simply by dialing their extension.
  • PMSi powered by MTS allows Panasonic KX-NS700 and KX-NS1000 to sync with industry leading Property Management Software. This integration ensures improvement of staff productivity, savings on energy costs and enhances guest experience.

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