Polycom Acquires Accordent Technologies

23 Mar 2011

Polycom, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Accordent Technologies, Inc. for a cash purchase of $50 million.

With the acquisition, Polycom is in a good position to take the lead in the Video Content Management and Delivery market, and expand its total available market by $500 million, with a projected annual growth rate of up to 32%. Accordent's staff will remain in Southern California, and will report to Polycom's UC research and development organization, where its software-centric solution will become a key component in Polycom's UC Intelligent Core while being reported with Polycom's Network Infrastructure revenues.

By integrating its UC Intelligent Core and UC endpoints with Accordent's open standards video content management solution, Polycom can provide capture solutions for all major video use cases. As Accordent is a strategic partner with Microsoft, the acquisition further strengthens Polycom's integration with Microsoft Lync and Sharepoint.

"Polycom is working fast and furiously to compete in the new video market, and acquiring Accordent is a logical move," says John Bartlett of UCStrategies. "I am seeing customer interest in streaming video in various forms. Polycom is already recognized as a key vendor of video delivery, and so it makes sense that they expand their offerings to include more types of video and more video delivery options. Video conversations that include hundreds of participants are better served by streaming solutions. High-end video conferencing rooms can be used as a great video recording studio for executive or customer messaging, and because Accordent technology is software-based, Polycom will be able to integrate and rapidly deploy these capabilities where they make the most sense for supporting customer video needs."

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