Providing Successful Management of Communications Solutions

17 Jan 2016

Communication systems in many organizations continue to evolve. For some organizations, maintaining and operating a traditional telephony infrastructure is the primary challenge, while others are migrating to new vendors or incorporating advanced collaboration and Unified Communications capabilities into their solutions. Regardless of where an organization is on this transformational journey, the challenge of maintaining and operating the solution in a cost effective and operationally sound methodology remains. In fact, for many organizations, the addition of new capabilities and/or new vendors is an exponential increase in complexity and challenges, often at the same time that budgets and internal resources are challenged due to economic and competitive pressures.

This UCStrategies White Paper investigates the use of an external vendor unaligned Managed Services Provider as the primary service entity for the operational and maintenance services of advanced communications systems. The white paper addresses options and the key benefits of using the resources of this type of services organization.

Download the full white paper by clicking the link below.



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