Reaching Inward to Improve Customer Service

12 Apr 2011

Few people in the contact center industry would disagree that in this tough economic environment, good service and high customer satisfaction levels can make the difference between winning and losing business. The ability to resolve an issue upon the customer's first call has become one of the most powerful measures of a contact center's success. In fact, if a contact center increases call resolution, not only is the quality of customer service improved, but also customer satisfaction levels climb while operational costs are driven down.

However, tying back office systems and processes into the front of the contact center can present an enormous challenge. This is only heightened by the growing number of an organization's experts working out in the field, traveling, or connecting from remote offices. So how can a contact center manager bring relevant information together successfully to build the foundation for a highly efficient contact center? And how can technology, process, policy and information all be better integrated for first call resolution?



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