SAVCOM Provides a New Standard for Secure BIZAV Communications

9 Jun 2019

BELLEVUE, Wash. (PRWEB) June 10, 2019

Hamilton explained that communications methods and open systems used every day by the general public, such as cellular voice, SMS text, email, and free-to-the-public chat apps are not secure. This is especially true of foreign telecom data and voice telephony services, public Wi-Fi and the vulnerability of personal devices that are susceptible to viruses and malware.

SAVCOM, LLC has announced a new communications service for business aviation operators and the companies that support them. SAVCOM, which stands for Secure Aviation Communication, provides a communications platform allowing 256-bit end-to-end encrypted phone calls, and encrypted text, audio-video conferencing and file sharing on users’ personal mobile devices such as phones, tablets and electronic flight bags, as well as a desktop browser-based interface.

“We founded SAVCOM on the common sense belief that business aviation operators, flying expensive equipment with very important passengers and typically representing very large security-sensitive corporations, must communicate safely and securely at all times as an industry best practice,” said Martin Hamilton, CEO of SAVCOM.

Some countries, including Russia and China, no longer allow visitors to establish a VPN (virtual private network) to securely send email or retrieve files remotely. “There are billions of attempts made each day around the globe to steal data and do harm to regular people,” Hamilton said. “Fortune 500 corporations and high-profile and high-net worth individuals are specifically targeted."

“These parties must remain secure and protected when they leave the digital safety net of their headquarters,” he continued. "SAVCOM removes all these risk variables from the safety and security equation, and it can be used with any data system around the world.”

SAVCOM maintains client security in such cases through a proprietary, closed, private network not available to – or accessible by – the general public. The system works with any domestic or foreign telecom data providers, Internet Service Provider (ISP), public Wi-Fi or aircraft internet data system.

Clients may set up unique communications groups and one-way broadcasts, allowing organizations to rapidly disseminate information to the right people at the right time.

SAVCOM also offers an encrypted audio-videoconferencing feature that gives users the ability to either schedule a videoconference or have an impromptu meeting with multiple personnel.

SAVCOM also offers potential applications for emergency response plan (ERP) providers and telemedical services, where the ability to rapidly assemble a team and communicate securely from multiple locations are keys to responding quickly and effectively, and saving lives.

About SAVCOM – SAVCOM eliminates risks and threats to flight departments, passengers and the companies they represent due to unsecured communications and data. SAVCOM can be used anywhere in the world and provides 256-bit encrypted chat, voice, video, and file sharing. More information on SAVCOM can be found at SAVCOMAERO.COM

There are no browser plug-ins, conference codes, or dial in numbers required and the feature is built into the user app. Hamilton noted the combination of these tools can actually improve and streamline a flight department’s operational communications.

“Until now there has been a professional ‘line in the sand’ for most businesses where corporate email, not personal text, has been the only acceptable means of non-verbal communication,” he explained. “In addition to being incredibly secure, SAVCOM provides a platform that makes text communication professionally acceptable."

“Being present and in-touch, even when crewmembers and management are on opposite sides of the world, is important,” Hamilton continued. “It strengthens the organization, and improves morale, efficiency and safety.”

“Our ultimate goal is to create a business aviation community on this platform where operators can not only access their service providers securely and easily but can also share information related to safety and any other issues with their peers from other operations,” Hamilton concluded. “SAVCOM provides ultimate discretion, but also allows us to create a secure venue for the exchange of ideas never before possible in our industry.”