Sparkcentral Introduces First Enterprise-Class In-App Messaging Platform

31 Aug 2015

New product raises the bar by empowering enterprises to meet the ever-increasing expectations of today's social and mobile customer; Elevating the mobile customer service experience by enabling brands to provide personalized and secure messaging from within their mobile apps

Sparkcentral, the first channel-agnostic, enterprise customer engagement platform- powering customer-obsessed brands- announced today the launch of their In-App Messaging solution for enterprise mobile customer service. Now brands can provide their end-users with the ability to engage with a live customer service agent through secure messaging without ever leaving their smartphone app.

Despite the fact that smartphone users spend over 80 percent of their mobile usage on mobile apps, currently there is no such thing as a good mobile customer experience. Brands encourage use of mobile apps but, when a question or a problem arises, customers must leave the mobile app, which is completely contradictory to what customer service should be. Mobile is the channel where one-to-one communication is expected and In-App Messaging is the last missing piece to having a successful mobile experience. In-App Messaging enables companies to create a concierge-like service, without ever leaving their mobile app. This means no more channel hopping but instead promotes seamless and transparent communication.

"As the uncarrier we are always looking for new ways to deliver the best customer service possible. With Sparkcentral we can reach our customers wherever they are and provide real-time customer support," says Michelle Matson, Director of Social Media Services, T-Mobile. "Sparkcentral makes achieving outstanding customer service a cake walk. From being able to create a customized branded experience, to reaching customers on the medium of their choice, Sparkcentral is the go to if you want happy customers. And, with the addition of In-App Messaging, we will raise the bar on customer service to completely new heights."

Sparkcentral is currently the only CRM platform for enterprises that unifies social, mobile, cloud and contextual data to proactively deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences. Customer service teams from companies, including T-Mobile, Delta Air Lines, Netflix and Uber, use Sparkcentral's software platform to delight customers while radically cutting customer response times from hours to minutes.

With new In-App Messaging powered by the Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform, customer care teams will benefit from the following:

  • Performance - Sparkcentral empowers agents to be more productive with a solution that is optimized-specifically to customer service workflows. The result, meeting key KPIs, SLAs, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Scale - Unparalleled user interface enables optimal performance at high volume and large scale - the ability to work as a team to manage growing volumes across many customer touchpoints, while harvesting insights, trends, and feedback directly impacting to bottom line.
  • Delight is enhancing the customer experience through proactive, personalized experiences that delight and retain customers.

"In-App Messaging is critical for creating the most cohesive and personalized customer experiences," said Davy Kestens, CEO of Sparkcentral. "Customers today expect seamless and effortless support on whatever medium they're on. The ability to problem-solve in a brand's native app fixes the last missing piece in the mobile experience. At the end of the day, your customers are increasingly mobile, so shouldn't your customer service be available there too?"

About Sparkcentral

In an era of the empowered, hyper-connected customer, Sparkcentral is the only CRM platform for enterprises that unifies social, mobile, cloud and contextual data to proactively deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences. Customer service teams use our software to efficiently handle large amounts of inbound inquiries over social media in a fast and structured manner. Sparkcentral's client roster includes Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Netflix, Dropbox, Uber and T-Mobile.


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