Tadiran's New Aeonix Solutions Certified by the Chinese State Grid Power

19 Nov 2012

Tadiran Telecom, a dealer in communications solutions, announced that for use of its services in China, the Chinese State Grid Power has certified its Aeonix solution. Aeonix is Tadiran Telecom's new unified communications and collaboration solution (UC&C).

Tadiran officials tout the scalability of Aeonix. The UC&C solution is said to extend customer networks according to existing demands and changing needs. By simply obtaining software licenses to Aeonix's open architecture, customers can buy and install only what they need at the moment and add more users, remote locations, and additional applications when necessary. For business customers whose users range from 10,000 to 25,000, Tadiran claimed that Aeonix would deliver unparalleled adaptability, versatility, and simplicity.

"This recognition by Chinese State Grid Power, in one of Tadiran Telecom's most important markets, is an acknowledgment of Aeonix's innovative technology and flexibility," said Eldad Barak, president and CEO at Tadiran Telecom, in a statement. "We're looking forward to working with this prestigious customer to implement Tadiran Telecom's comprehensive UC&C technology."

It is worth noting that over the past few years, most especially in vertical markets (Power and Energy, Subway and Operators, etc.), Tadiran Telecom has been actively involved in numerous large projects in China. In China's power industry, for instance, Tadiran serves as a resource to both the State Grid Power and the South Grid Power.

In Beijing, Tadiran Telecom is involved in the following projects: three Gorges and Moda pipeline, telephony solutions, Daxing and Yizhuang subway lines, and the airport express built for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Tadiran's recent subway line projects include Changsha Chengdu, Chongqing, Harbin, Kunming, Wuhan, and Zhengzhou subway lines. In 2012, Tadiran Telecom became a qualified supplier of Beijing Unicorn.

In September 2012, Tadiran Telecom announced the acquisition of EasyRun's technology line and intellectual property. EasyRun's EPICCenter technology would be integrated into Tadiran Telecom's Linux-based UC platform. Launched in 1991, EasyRun offers VoIP contact center solutions that run on either legacy or IP-PBX platforms. EasyRun's communications solutions, which has an installed base in over 3,000 locations worldwide, allow business customers to integrate multimedia contact center solutions without the need to make major changes to existing telephony infrastructure.

Tadiran Telecom is a privately-held partnership. The company was acquired by Afcon Holdings Ltd., a part of the Shlomo Group. The Shlomo Group is a conglomerate involved in various industrial and service businesses. (KOM) Link. Link


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