The UniComm Consulting Methodology for Successful UC Strategy and Planning

21 Aug 2010

UniComm Consulting has assisted dozens of mid-sized to very large Enterprises in successfully formulating their Unified Communications (UC) strategies and in converting those strategies into affordable, step-by-step roadmaps, implementation plans, and budgets.

In almost every case, our clients have found new insights into the way that communications is used in their business processes and have then been able to select and apply just the right sequence of UC technologies to make a significant difference in their business operations. In almost all cases, the roadmap has been self-funding based either on reductions in out-of-pocket costs or on improvements in the business outcomes, or both. And, in about half the cases, our clients realized they did not have to make a wholesale conversion of their PBX or e-mail platform in order to begin implementation of their UC roadmaps.

The methodology was first presented, and is still available, in a two-day workshop format which I began delivering in 2006. A 9-step process, including forms and exercises, explores the Enterprise's value chain to identify the communication intensive processes, then digs into those processes to find the communication 'hot spots.' Those 'hot spots' are then examined to determine which ones can be eliminated or mitigated with the new UC technologies. This leads to the definition of Use Cases specifying the new UC solutions for the specific groups of employees, partners, or clients who particiate in the relevant business processes. These Use Case driven solutions are then prioritized and sequenced into a logical and affordable multi-year strategy, roadmap, implementation plan, and budget.

The concepts of this methodology are described in my June 2007 Business Communications Review article, "Top UC Applications Are Now Apparent." Also, key elements of this approach are included in the UC Resources sections of and have been described in our and UniComm Consulting presentations at VoiceCon (now Enterprise Connect) and InterOp.

You can apply this methodology in your Enterprise in several ways. You could study the content here on (including Ask an Expert) and at the UniComm Consulting website. You could schedule the UC Planning and Implementation workshop via Telecom+UC Training. Or you can engage UniComm Consulting to work directly with your team for an in-depth, experience-based discovery of your requirements with translation of those requirements into a multi-year strategy, roadmap, implementation plan and budget.

UC adoption is moving quickly now, as illustrated by the hundreds of case studies posted by the leading vendors. If you don't at least have a strategy formulated, even if that strategy is to wait for some new capabilities to mature or for your infrastructure to be updated, then now is definitely the time to include that in your 2010 or 2011 budget. Please don't hesitate to be in touch: [email protected].

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