Thinking Phone Networks Begins Rebranding Campaign

10 Nov 2010

Thinking Phone Networks, a provider of enterprise cloud communications services, has announced a rebranding campaign, focusing on business analytics and application integration, and their importance in enterprise unified communications deployment success and value.

Part of the rebranding is a new corporate identity, web site, and a renaming of its unified communications services suite as the new ThinkingSuite ecosystem brand. The services suite is a single-platform ecosystem that integrates communications and business applications, while allowing enterprises to organize and redefine their business processes and workflows for better efficiency and a competitive edge. It combines a business analytics engine, third-party applications, and unified communications applications that include voice, video, mobile, instant messaging, and more.

ThinkingAnalytics, the analytics capability for ThinkingSuite, provides enterprises with real-time and historical data for customers, employees, and operations, allowing them to view organizational health, find trends, and come up with ways to streamline business processes. It not only focuses on what happens in the business process value chain, but also why. ThinkingAnalytics brings an end to the historical operational silos of standalone departmental systems, as it brings information from all of the ThinkingSuite communications modules, and those of third-party business applications, together into one business intelligence environment.

"Thinking Phones Networks is the first cloud communications service provider to move into what I refer to as Phase 3 of unified communications: UC-Analytics, or UC-A," says Jim Burton of UCStrategies." The ability to incorporate analytics and metrics into business processes promises major ROI and competitive advantages."

The ThinkingSuite UC services are now available for enterprise trial. For more information, visit


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