UCStrategies Reviews the Cisco Collaboration Summit

2 Dec 2014

Several UCStrategies Experts attended the recent Cisco Collaboration Summit in Los Angeles. We decided it would be great to do a podcast recapping what these Experts saw, learned and analyzed from that two-day experience. Joining me on the podcast are Blair Pleasant, Don Van Doren, Steve Leaden, Dave Michels, Michael Finneran, and Art Rosenberg.

Since this was about Cisco, we conducted and recorded the podcast using Cisco Meeting Center, including video. If you choose to consume the podcast via the video below, you will see a small video window with the active speaker, which is how Cisco Meeting Center records and saves the meeting. Two things surprised us about the video recording. First, even though the participants in the meeting could choose to see a nearly full-screen display of the active speaker's video, with a row of live video thumbnails below showing the five most recent speakers, the recording only provides this smaller-sized video of the active speaker. Second, if a participant joined by computer and turned on the video, but chose to use the public telephone network to connect for the audio, their video was not matched to their phone line so that only a label such as "call-in user 2" was shown. Thus, we accomplished our purpose of using Cisco technology to review the Cisco event. Feedback is welcome. Hope you enjoy the podcast - the content from the experts is pretty interesting (IMHO), with or without full-screen video.

Refer to the timecodes below for each speaker:

  • Marty Parker
  • Dave Michels (2:00)
  • Marty Parker (6:35)
  • Blair Pleasant (7:45)
  • Marty Parker (11:50)
  • Steve Leaden (13:00)
  • Marty Parker (16:53)
  • Michael Finneran (17:25)
  • Marty Parker (18:52:)
  • Don Van Doren (19:27)
  • Marty Parker (21:50)
  • Art Rosenberg (22:10)
  • Marty Parker (23:44)
  • Dave Michels (24:16)
  • Marty Parker (26:06)
  • Blair Pleasant (27:30)
  • Don Van Doren (28:27)
  • Dave Michels (29:12)
  • Don Van Doren (30:24)
  • Marty Parker (31:15)
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