Unimax - Truly Multi-Vendor

3 Jun 2015

This article is part of a series where UCStrategies examines BCOM vendors

Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) systems are rapidly being recognized as a critical component of delivering a successful Unified Communications (UC) environment. BCOM enables organizations, both enterprises and service providers, to automate and optimize the configuration and operation of a UC system.

Today, UCStrategies examines Unimax, a BCOM leader with a wide range of platform support capabilities and an extensive set of high profile customers.

For 25 years, Unimax has been delivering communication management solutions to a wide range of customers, from Fortune 100 enterprises to SMBs. I spent some time talking with the Unimax team about what makes their product family unique.

Unimax is defined by the range of vendors they support, including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Legacy Nortel, AVST, and more. Phil Moen, CEO of Unimax said, "Through the years our customers have asked us to support systems as they migrated and transitioned, ensuring that our capabilities reflect the needs of the market. Additionally, many of our customers have acquired organizations that owned other vendor's equipment, necessitating a truly multi-vendor platform." Unimax solutions have been specially built and architected for the enterprise over the last 20 years.

According to Phil Moen, "Our customers have shown us what is important to enable them to configure their systems. Through our customer focus, we have defined and delivered a wide range of capabilities that have significantly enhanced our offering."

A challenge for many companies looking to begin the journey of automating and optimizing their operational environment with a BCOM solution is the wide range of vendor and platform configuration capabilities. BCOM generally delivers configuration capabilities, however, Unimax has approached the delivery of those elements in a structured way that lets prospective customers begin with one element and grow as they become more comfortable with the solution. The range of configuration elements in today's communications and UC products is very large, and Unimax has developed a depth of capabilities in each of the platforms. The Unimax product offering is designed with multiple distinctive options to let the telecommunications group tailor the capabilities and cost to their specific needs. For example, Unimax NumberPro is focused on number management only, and automates the management of numbers across multiple systems and vendors. From there, Unimax offers HelpOne, a solution that enables help desk staff to perform a wide range of routine tasks without using highly-trained resources and is configurable in order to allow customers to decide what agents can see and change. For organizations looking to move beyond staff-driven automation, Unimax's LineOne enables self-service management and configuration options for direct interaction with end-users. Finally, for organizations looking to maximize the functionality of their solution, Unimax offers an all-inclusive product Second Nature that provides a comprehensive BCOM solution set.

Unimax tailors its product offers to the needs of the organization. For example, SMBs looking to manage a transition from a legacy PBX to Skype for Business, can start NumberPro for simple number management. Then, as the team gets comfortable with the initial capabilities and value of the Unimax BCOM solutions set, they can add in new capabilities as required. According to Phil Moen, "Having a range of options for our customers is crucial for adoption. We have seen many customers start with one product or support for one or two vendors and grow as their needs and their environment changes."

It would appear that Unimax, being one of the longest tenured vendors in the BCOM market, has found that customers are the guiding light for their offers. Enterprises looking to get started with a simple BCOM solution or with a range of UC vendors to be managed should consider evaluating BCOM vendors such as Unimax to identify if their tools and capabilities can make your organization more effective and reduce costs.

This paper is sponsored by Unimax.

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