Unlocking SIP's True Potential With Session Management

15 May 2013

The Evolution of SIP: Session Management

If you want to see the future of voice communications, look at your smartphone or tablet. There it is, under your camera icon and to the left of your Facebook app, a small icon marked PHONE. That's the future of voice: one application on a device that runs hundreds of applications. Communication is not about just voice, or even Voice over IP. It's about multimedia applications that help foster collaboration, enhance productivity and entertain us. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the signaling protocol that sets up and tears down multimedia sessions, allowing us to participate in videoconferences, online games, VoIP calls and a host of presence-aware applications from our handheld devices. Smartphones, for example, speak SIP.

So do laptops, tablets, videophones, multimedia intercoms, interactive kiosks, security cameras and just about any other IP-enabled device that can participate in a real-time communications session. Managing all of these devices and multimedia sessions is a big job... and a big opportunity. Session management is the next wave in the evolution of SIP, and both enterprises and service providers are hoping to ride that wave to increased revenue, more productive employees and improved customer service. Beyond the adoption of SIP itself, there are several key trends in the market today that are driving the need for session management.


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