Upgrade to Telcom & Data Allworx VoIP Phone System

10 Mar 2013

It was announced last week that Telecom & Data, a business phone systems provider was launching a new Allworx System Software Upgrade, version 7.5. The key feature included in this new upgrade is an app (called "Reach"), which lets users lengthen IP-phone services to their mobile devices.

The Reach app allows access to full VoIP features on both Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. In the past, it has proven difficult to bring complete phone system functionality to a mobile device, but now the features of the IP-based Allworx phone can be transferred to other devices, as mentioned.

The program is specifically useful for work-from-home employees, and vocations/ roles which complete most of the work from outside of the office. Furthermore, lawyers, sales professionals and executives will find this app ideal.

Users of the app will be able to accept and make a number of calls at the same time, as well as be able to make use of their voicemail, call history and address book. Calls can be easily transferred, and users can be put on conference calls or put on hold.

According to the President of Telecom & Data, Ricardo Trinidad, "this is the best upgrade Allworx has released. The Reach app is truly innovative and demonstrates their commitment to delivering the best solutions for the modern workplace. And we all know the modern workplace is mobile." (CY) Link. Link


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