VOSS Solutions Ranked #1 UC Management Vendor

10 Oct 2016

Independent research confirms VOSS Solutions consistently delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for Enterprise Communications

VOSS Solutions announced that in a recent, independent, Nemertes Research report: "The VOSS-4-UC product delivers greater overall savings for implementing and operating enterprise unified communications."
The data for this report comes from Nemertes' annual, enterprise UC industry research across nearly 300 organizations. Nemertes Research is the undisputed industry benchmark for independent quantitative research of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) cost trends (i.e. no funding from vendors). The report, authored by Nemertes President Robin Gareiss, is entitled "Take Action to Reduce UCC Costs" and it covers all UC vendors plus many of the leading operational and performance monitoring management tools.

"Our research has validated quite compelling UCC operational cost savings when companies use expert, third-party management and monitoring tools. With operational management tools, the reason is clear: They automate functions companies had been performing manually," Gareiss said. "Now, that automation is becoming even more crucial as UCC is becoming more complex and multi-faceted with hybrid architectures and numerous collaborative, communications, and enterprise apps being integrated together."

The report finds that the average cost of UC implementation and operations, across all UC vendors, increased by 76% over last year's numbers. This increase is attributed to the added complexity from the growing industry adoption of the latest UC applications. However, the same research showed that costs for those organizations using third party operational and performance monitoring management tools were, on average, 59% less than for those organizations operating their platforms manually, or with internal tools from UC application vendors.

Importantly, the research also shows that companies using third party UC management tools also achieved a 34% higher level of end-user adoption of the UC applications. This is attributed to the fact that IT staff are not replaced by UC management tools, but rather their increased staff productivity allows them to focus on critical areas such as user adoption.

In this year's research, data was also able to be analyzed on specific UC management vendors. The higher adoption rate of UC management tools now makes this data collection and analysis possible. It means that Nemertes can rank UC management tools, based on cost savings; similar to what they have been doing for UC application vendors for several years.

This ground-breaking Nemertes analysis of UC industry management vendors reveals some very interesting findings, including:
  1. UC operational tools return a significantly greater cost savings, compared to UC performance/fault monitoring tools
  • While it is still beneficial to employ both operational and monitoring tools for enterprise UC management, operational tools deliver 80% of the total cost savings, compared to 20% from monitoring tools
  • VOSS delivers the greatest cost reduction of all UC operational tool vendors
    • Organizations using VOSS were found to spend 19% less on their UC implementation costs, compared to those organizations using competing vendors
    • Organizations using VOSS were also found to spend 7% less per annum on UC operating costs, compared to those organizations using competing vendors (i.e. over 40% greater savings over a 5-year ROI analysis).
    Mike Frayne, CEO at VOSS Solutions, commented: "This research from Nemertes is definitely in line with feedback from our customers. The VOSS-4-UC product helps organizations to significantly reduce the costs to implement UC and substantially improves staff productivity in the day-to-day operational management of UC. What this Nemertes research provides, however, is the hard data to back up anecdotal customer feedback. And the results really couldn't be more poignant."

    Frayne goes on to say: "If you are not using UC management tools today, or you are only using performance monitoring tools, then the Nemertes data clearly shows that you need to re-think your UC management strategy. Also, if you are looking to upgrade your enterprise communications platform to the latest UC applications, you should also consider UC operational management. It goes without saying that VOSS should be included in any evaluation of UC management."

    To download the Nemertes report, please click here.


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