Vidyo Adds Video Conferencing and Platform as a Service Offerings

2 Mar 2016

Vidyo has announced the availability of a hosted offering supporting up to 4K UltraHD resolution video and content sharing, as well as an upcoming offering focused on developers.

Included in Vidyo's cloud suite is Hosted VidyoConferencing, a Video Conferencing as a Service (VAaaS) offering, as well as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

Hosted VidyoConferencing lets teams deploy cloud and hybrid-based video conferencing. It leverages Vidyo's router cascading capability to keep traffic almost entirely within the corporate network, with "cloud bursting" to let customers temporarily go above their purchased capacity if there's a sudden need. It supports 4K UltraHD resolution for video and content sharing for up to hundreds of simultaneous participants, and is interoperable with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, H.323, SIP, and PSTN devices, along with WebRTC support.

The PaaS offering, simply called "Vidyo PaaS," introduces an API aimed at developers, and works across web, mobile, and desktop endpoints. It provides a simplified method of embedding multipoint video and collaboration into their endpoints or IoT form factors. It allows movement from development to deployment, and, like Hosted VidyoConferencing, supports up to 4K UltraHD video and content sharing, on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The offering is scalable to support large conferences, and complies with current security standards.

"Vidyo has, due to the underlying technology it uses, had an interesting play in 4k quality for video communications for a little while," states Simon Dudley, UC Expert for UCStrategies. "It is good to see that it has now extended that capability to its Cloud offerings. This is a development that should be applauded as an interesting differentiation within the market."

Dudley adds: "Vidyo is about to prove whether 4k capabilities are something that clients are actually looking for within a cloud solution. Today, very few videoconferences take place even in 1080p quality; the vast majority at 720p, 480p or even 360p, and users don't seem to care or even notice. Additionally, to utilize 4K video conferencing new monitors will be needed, high-end PC's used, and expensive 4K cameras installed.

"Although I believe it's good for the industry to push the boundaries, it will be interesting to see whether many clients will consider the upgrade worth the effort, outside of a small subset within niche markets, such as medical imaging."

Vidyo will be providing more information about its offerings at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida, at Booth #921. For more information, visit


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