Voice Quality: Heading in the Right Direction?

11 Feb 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Phil Edholm leads a discussion about his recent article about the degradation of VoIP quality, "VoIPmageddon: Is Quality Leading to a Telephony Meltdown?" UCStrategies Experts on the podcast include Steve Leaden, Kevin Kieller, J.R. Simmons, Evan Kirstel, Roberta Fox, and Jon Arnold. The conversation takes a look at what the Experts are hearing from enterprises, the major issues impacting voice quality over VoIP, and what enterprises can do to minimize VoIP issues.

Refer to the time codes below for each speaker:

  • Phil Edholm
  • Steve Leaden (6:26)
  • Phil Edholm (11:11)
  • Kevin Kieller (12:16)
  • Phil Edholm (17:07)
  • J.R. Simmons (19:30)
  • Phil Edholm (22:22)
  • Evan Kirstel (23:22)
  • Phil Edholm (26:02)
  • Roberta J. Fox (27:20)
  • Phil Edholm (31:29)
  • Jon Arnold (34:16)
  • Kevin Kieller (37:20)
  • Phil Edholm (38:24)