Voxbone Launches "The Workshop" to Test, Play with and Create New Communication Tools

22 Jun 2016

Cloud application developers can experiment with virtualized communication components instantly and globally, without investing in hardware or software

SAN FRANCISCO - June 23, 2016 - So you've heard how click-to-call widgets can really enhance a website's potential for customer interaction and you want to try it out for yourself. Or you're considering offloading pieces of your VoIP infrastructure, but want to see how that would unfold first. Where can you find this technology, that's free and available to try out?

Spotting the potential in a space where customers can experiment with these types of features, Voxbone is launching The Workshop.

The Workshop is a place where users can treat communication components as Lego building blocks, to be broken down and rebuilt together in a fun, collaborative way with Voxbone engineers in the cloud. Ultimately, these experiments will reduce the need for both software and hardware, saving companies on installation and upkeep costs. Additionally, Voxbone's technology has a worldwide foundation, so companies can easily extend these services globally when needed. Access to The Workshop is free and will offer a first look at Voxbone's latest new service development projects.

Among the first services available through The Workshop is Click2Vox, a click-to-call button generator that lets anyone with a modern web browser call any SIP address. VoIP developers and enterprise admins can create a web calling button that they can cut and paste into their websites within minutes and without any web development. Based on Voxbone's unique cloud-based WebRTC-to-SIP gateway infrastructure, Click2Vox also includes more advanced capabilities such as DTMF interaction, automated IVR traversal, and interworking with SIP infrastructure. Click2Vox also comes with Voxbone's signature consistent, clear call quality as it is hosted on Voxbone's global private VoIP network.

"The age of virtualization is here - SDN and Infrastructure-as-a-Service technologies are beginning to gain popularity, but there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of virtualizing real-time communication platforms," said Itay Rosenfeld, CEO of Voxbone. "Running real-time media-as-a-service is a lot more complex than processing data. This is Voxbone's sweet spot; our mission - to deliver a carrier-grade service in 58 countries - and the reason we're used by all top-players in the cloud communications field."

Another upcoming experiment that will be featured on The Workshop will be available under the working title "Conferencing Offload." Many of Voxbone's enterprise and telephony developer customers have, or plan to offer, basic conferencing capabilities. These services require expensive conferencing servers that can be hard to scale and distribute. The Conferencing Offload service will help these organizations reduce their infrastructure costs, reduce bandwidth consumption, and improve call quality by leveraging Voxbone's VoIP-optimized global network.

"With more than a decade of operating a global network, a legacy of powering many of the VoIP industry's leaders, and a massive install base of hundreds of customers, Voxbone is in a very unique position to expand its service offering," said Chad Hart, Head of Strategic Products, in charge of The Workshop at Voxbone. "With so many opportunities, the challenge we had was figuring out where to start. Rather than guess, The Workshop is a place where we can bring new services to market quickly as we work closely with customers to evolve them to address real market needs."

For access to The Workshop, visit https://workshop.voxbone.com. To find out additional information on Voxbone's VoIP services, visit www.voxbone.com.


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