WebRTC Ventures Announces MySportsBox

4 Mar 2018


MySportsBox.video is a customizable application for sports channel networks and teams looking for an alternative way to distribute their video content to fans.

WebRTC Ventures — a provider of custom, real-time applications with video, voice, and data exchange — today announces a new product offering: MySportsBox.

Arin Sime, Founder & CEO of WebRTC Ventures said,“We saw an opportunity for a new way to distribute video on-demand on top of the leading smart home platform in the market: Amazon Alexa. Our app focuses on screen enabled devices which sports fans will love in order to engage with their teams and favorite sports!”

Today, the MySportsBox.video product is available to customize for sports franchises, leagues, and sports channels. A demo video is available at the MySportsBox.video website which shows how the app works.

The platform will allow videos to be placed in an online folder, which might include highlights from recent games, player interviews, hype videos, or whatever video content the sports franchise or media organization has.

About MySportsBox:

For more information or interview requests, contact [email protected]

Sime added, “This is a great way for sports organizations to further leverage video content they are already producing for YouTube or other channels, and push that same content into smart home devices.”

The app will be customized for each sports outlet to show only their videos and use their branding, and will allow consumers with the Alexa Show device to use voice commands like “Alexa, open the [team name] and play highlights from last night’s game.”

Smart home devices are being purchased for millions of homes in the US and MySportsBox will be an inexpensive way for sports teams and media outlets to get a foothold on this growing platform.

Amazon Echo Audience size:

37% of US households are set to own a smart speaker in 2018 with more than 20 Million Amazon Echo devices sold.

The MySportsBox.video team is composed of sports fans and software designers who have previous experience building interactive video solutions for sports broadcasting as well as other industries. MySportsBox.video is wholly owned by WebRTC.ventures, a software development firm that specializes in building video communication tools for web and mobile, and serving many industries including broadcasting, healthcare, education, and more.

113 million Amazon Echo Devices are expected to be sold by 2020, which means that this market will only continue to grow and become a major way that sports fans consume video content.