WebRTC World Releases WebRTC Outlook 2014 Report

2 Mar 2014

WebRTC is a hot topic, as it can potentially disrupt much of telecommunications and UC. WebRTC World has just published their WebRTC Outlook 2014 Report. This report covers the outlook for WebRTC in 2014 based on feedback from leading vendors, entrepreneurs and users in the WebRTC community.

The basis of the WebRTC Outlook 2014 Report is a survey conducted by WebRTC World in late December 2013. The survey focus was providing feedback to and from the WebRTC community as to how WebRTC would be adopted, how it will be implemented and used and how it will change markets in 2014. The survey was sent to a broad a broad section of the WebRTC community and is based on over 100 respondents. The report is the best view of how the WebRTC community views 2104 for WebRTC adoption and use.

The survey was structured to get both defined results and open the responses to a variety of views. In the report, the survey and responses have been organized into five categories:

· Trends in WebRTC - This section identifies trends and general outlook for 2014. The report highlights key trends and some new areas.

· User Adoption - This section looks at the outlook for user adoption of WebRTC through 2014. This section disuses both general adoption and the outlook for adoption that is seen by organizations delivering WebRTC based solutions.

· Industry Adoption and Impact - This looks both at which industries will adopt WebRTC first and where the greatest impact and disruption will be. It identifies where the leading WebRTC teams see the most opportunity and how WebRTC is changing the market.

· WebRTC Plans - This provides insight into plans by the respondents to use WebRTC in their business in 2014. WebRTC can be a game changer, this section highlights the focus areas of WebRTC development and delivery.

· Barriers - What are the barriers to WebRTC in 2014? Will the lack of a video agreement hold WebRTC back? Will the Microsoft and Apple positions change the market? The respondents that are delivering solutions to the market comment on what they see as barriers in 2014.

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