Xfinity Communities Offers Connected Living Experience to Millions of Multifamily Residents and Property Managers Nationwide

12 Dec 2018

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Xfinity Communities today announced millions of residents and property managers nationwide are encountering a better, connected-living experience with the use of Comcast technology services. Advances in high-performance internet, entertainment options, smart home and facility devices and communication solutions allow multi-dwelling unit (MDU) owners, developers and managers to offer their residents an industry-leading, unique set of amenities.

Residents expect a prominent level of technology services at their residence, whether an apartment, homeowner’s association (HOA) development or assisted living facility. A 2017 survey, “Networking with Residents: Technology Drives the Multifamily Industry,” found that 87 percent of respondents believe technology is very important in keeping residents happy, with 48 percent reporting that high-speed internet was the top amenity over in-room laundry facilities. High-performance technologies are only continuing to rise in importance as residents deploy smart home devices and seek the latest in streaming and entertainment solutions.

“Xfinity Communities’ Advanced Communities Network (ACN) delivers a customized set of technology services that transform a property into a smart, connected living community,” said Adrian Adriano, vice president of strategic initiatives. “These offerings – gigabit speed internet, smart home devices, mobile and online applications, video and entertainment options, and superior customer service – provide MDUs with a unique set of amenities that increase value, differentiate a property from competition and provide a streamlined resident experience. And for managers, smart building and facility technologies deliver greater operational efficiencies through remote control of maintenance and utilities and simplifying daily activities.”

Since its launch in 2014, Xfinity Communities has been a leader in connected living services, including:

  • Smart home device program – Working with Xfinity Home, Xfinity Communities offers single-family home and multifamily property developers access to a comprehensive smart home platform and a variety of leading home automation device providers.
  • Customized service portals and applications – The Xfinity Communities Connect portal for property managers and Xfinity Resident Pages for residents provide a direct connection to Xfinity account representatives to streamline customer service requests such as changing or upgrading services and help with the move-in process. Also, for a greater customer experience, Xfinity Communities is conducting trials of a mobile application that will allow property managers and residents to remotely control smart home devices including thermostats and lights.
  • Fast network connections – Operating on the nation’s largest gig-speed network, Xfinity Communities’ ACN now offers ultra-fast Xfinity Gigabit Internet to properties across 39 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Advanced customer service – With community account representatives (CARs) assigned to specific properties, managers have a direct connection for around-the-clock live support and 24/7 network monitoring to ensure that residents get the best possible experience from their Xfinity services.
  • Accessible entertainment options – Offering voice-enabled remotes, advanced entertainment solutions and common area Wi-Fi, Xfinity Communities is providing services that are increasingly in high-demand at retirement communities, hospitals and senior living developments, providing residents with the options they need to stay connected with family and friends.

“Xfinity Communities is committed to developing true partnerships with property owners, developers and managers offering a better technology network, better entertainment experience and enhanced customer services,” said Adriano. “Whether it starts with the design of a new community or bringing in additional value-added services at an existing property, our team works closely to solve the unique needs of residents and management staff.”

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About XFINITY Communities

XFINITY Communities™ provides multifamily properties and residents with a better network, better entertainment and better service. With one of the largest fiber networks in the country spanning more than 150,000 miles, a one-of-a-kind interactive TV experience with XFINITY X1, and dedicated property support, we provide an end-to-end service that translates to better living for more than 189,000 properties and 14.7 million units. Our Advanced Communities Network (ACN) – a fiber network solution that can provide gigabit speeds – helps attract new residents while giving existing residents what they want.

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