2021 Year in Review in BC

17 Dec 2021

The individuals who make up the BCStrategies team of industry Advisors, Analysts and Consultants each bring unique perspectives and perceptions to the organization. At no time is this more evident than in the organization's annual "year-in-review" podcast. 

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts look back at 2021 in business communications: mergers and acquisitions that did and did not happen, the great resignation, next-gen 911, the growth of SMB, the digital divide, AI, copper sunset, and the innovation that Zoom "forced" on the rest of the market, and more.  

Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, with Roberta J. Fox, Joseph Williams, JR Simmons, Chuck Vondra, Michael FinneranJon Arnold, and Phil Edholm

Refer to the timecodes below for each speaker: 

  • Blair Pleasant 
  • Roberta J. Fox (2:46)
  • Joseph Williams (5:17)
  • JR Simmons (8:25)
  • Chuck Vondra (12:56)
  • Michael Finneran (16:47)
  • Jon Arnold (20:25)
  • Phil Edholm (26:20)
  • Blair Pleasant 


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