2600Hz Call Center Pro

2600Hz Unveils Call Center Pro

18 Feb 2020

Focuses on customization and integrations as differentiators in a crowded market.

In January, UC provider 2600Hz launched its new call center solution, called Call Center Pro (CCPro), aimed at smaller and medium sized businesses. It is the latest example of how applications and APIs are merging in the contact center space.

The CCPro application doesn’t short its customers on expected features or capabilities. The solution offers the usual call center capabilities such as dashboards, quality monitoring, skills-based routing, and supervisor features including eavesdrop, whisper, and barge modes.

However, customers are not limited to the application’s core features. Going beyond the basics, CCPro users can access the advanced features of the 2600Hz KAZOO platform as well as third parties to customize their deployment.

Paving the Road to Customized Communications

With more than 300 APIs enabling integrations with other applications like Zapier, Slack, and popular CRM systems, KAZOO enables platform services that set CCPro apart. For example, a business could use Zapier to automate activities or notifications – telling an agent that John is on hold, telling John he is third in the queue, or sending John a follow-up message after the call.

KAZOO is both extensible and open which allows customers to customize their communications without the need for a large developer team or massive financial investment. This includes the ability to customize via integrations. For example, Zapier provides a simple method of customization directly from within the CCPro UI.

Additionally, CCPro natively supports Webhooks and websockets for real-time eventing. Webhooks can be used to trigger actions in an automated fashion. This is different from most call center solutions, which tend to be self-contained when it comes to actions. For example, webhooks could allow a specific event to open a Slack conversation between supervisor and agent. 2600Hz is offering multiple paths to customization, appropriate for businesses at all levels of technical maturity.

The solution is a good use case that demonstrates the value of unified communications and contact center from the same provider. There’s a lot of confusion in this area, and that’s because most single-provider implementations separate UC and CC into unrelated containers.

However, 2600Hz’s approach blurs the boundaries. CCPro is ready to go as a standalone call center application with historical and real-time insights (powered by the Xarios Dimensions analytics engine). Or, can be strengthened with its open and extensible UC partner, KAZOO, for advanced customization and integration.

The solution effectively bundles PBX, call center, carrier, and platform services. Instead of a buy vs. build decision, customers can buy now, and build as needed in the future.

Dave Michels is a Contributing Editor and Analyst at TalkingPointz.


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