5 Signs That It's (Past) Time To Replace Your Phone System

5 Signs That It’s (Past) Time to Replace Your Phone System

14 Aug 2019

Historically, phone systems have been solid workhorses that provide reliable service over many years.  I’ve had clients who have been able to use the same phone system for as long as 20 years. 

Of course, vendor salespeople have been telling them that they need to replace the system or something dire will occur.

So how do you know when it’s really time to replace the system?   

1. Your system causes you to say “No” to user requests. This may be because:

  • It doesn’t have newer features and capabilities
  • Adding new capabilities is difficult and/or expensive
  • It is rigid and difficult to administer

2. Your system does not support the following capabilities:

  • Collaboration tools such as audio and video conferencing
  • Screen and Document sharing: Allows conference attendees to see what is on someone else’s screen
  • Chat or Instant Messaging: Allows users to communicate without making a phone call
  • Presence: Shows status to others (available, busy, on a call, etc.)
  • Mobility: Allows you to send calls to your cell phone and switch back and forth between desk and cell phones
  • Unified Messaging: Voicemail messages are an attachment in an email

3. Your existing system has been labelled one of the following:

  • End of Sale: the system is no longer being sold
  • End of Life: No further development is occurring and no future patches or software fixes will be available
  • End of Support: No hardware or software support is available

(Note that the definitions of the above states can vary by manufacturer).

4. Support is hard to find. New engineers are not being trained on your system, and technicians who know how to work on your system are becoming scarce.

5. The only parts that are available are used.

If your system is described above, it’s time for new technology.


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