8x8 Announces New Virtual Office Editions

By Robbie Pleasant
6 Oct 2017

8x8 has announced the availability of the latest editions of 8x8 Virtual Office: X2, X5, and X8. This new suite of products is intended to provide companies with unified communication, collaboration, and contact center capabilities that offer reporting and insights.

Each edition of 8x8 Virtual Office offers enterprise-class business communication features, and is meant to be flexible, offering a mix-and-match pricing model. They offer business voice, auto attendant, video, SMS, chat, and web conferencing, with different degrees of calling zones and additional features, depending on the model.

Virtual Office X2 has an unlimited calling zone of 14 countries, along with a full suite of 8x8 Virtual Office features. This includes HD voice and video, Virtual Office Meetings, and integrations with Salesforce, Netsuite CRM, and Zendesk. X5 adds on to that with an additional 18 countries for its unlimited calling zones, along with call recording and Salesforce analytics.

X8 edition offers everything that X2 and X5 do, but expands the unlimited calling zone to 45 countries. In addition to the features from the first two editions, it also offers barge monitor whisper capabilities and call quality reporting, and incorporates contact center capabilities with 8x8 ContactNow. This edition is intended to help companies break down communications silos between the various departments, so as to better engage with customers and allow employees to interact from anywhere.

8x8 Virtual Office Editions X2, X5, and X8 are currently available in the US, and X8 is also available in the UK. 

For more information, visit www.8x8.com.