Addasound Denmark A/S is a global top headset manufacturer and headset provider of wearable intelligent voice and unified communication devices. 

ADDA derives from the poems and tales of Norse mythology “EDDA” and sound is changing the way of our communication. ADDASOUND takes the notion that sound is changing the world. We believe our products, powered by an intelligent voice system, are leading the new trend of human computer interaction, and will become the major interface of your daily communication. 

In Denmark, ADDASOUND is equipped with the world's most advanced electroacoustic devices, providing powerful support for products’ design, development, and testing. Our Advanced Noise-Cancelling-Technology guarantees high-standard sound quality and best user experience. A Nordic style design perfectly combines outer simplicity and inner excellence. From product to service, we look deeply into every detail to meet your every need. 

Building up on the successful history of acoustic companies based in Denmark, we at ADDASOUND believe that the trend goes further towards hand-free communication and natural sound. We develop our products based on the customer's need and devote ourselves into making outstanding technology practically usable. The ergonomic design combines outer simplicity with inner exquisiteness