AeroFS and Redbooth Announce Merger

14 Sep 2017

AeroFS has announced a merger with Redbooth, under which the two companies will combine under the Redbooth name. The products and assets from AeroFS and Redbooth will be combined, while AeroFS co-founder and CEO Yuri Sagalov will lead the new Redbooth’s executive team as CEO.

The two companies both have a strong focus on collaboration, so there’s plenty of synergy behind the merger. Redbooth is an online task and project management software solution, allowing users to prioritize and delegate tasks, create visual timelines, and effectively work remotely. Similarly, AeroFS’s flagship Amium collaboration platform is designed to make sharing information and ideas more efficient and simplify collaboration with internal and external users.

By integrating the two companies’ products, the new company can create a single solution with increased functionality, taking the best of each to form a more robust solution. Redbooth’s task management and AeroFS’s communication and collaboration solutions will complement each other well, and the companies are hoping to create a compelling solution that leverages both their strengths.

While AeroFS’s management team will lead the new, combined Redbooth, employees from both companies will remain, both in the Redbooth offices in Barcelona and the former AeroFS offices in Palo Alto. Redbooth will be the focus of the company’s engineering, sales, and marketing efforts, although AeroFS will continue to be supported and maintained. Amium, however, will shut down by the end of the year, and its features will be integrated into Redbooth products.

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