Asurion Enterprise - HR is just as important as IT when it comes to cybersecurity awareness

2 Dec 2020

According to Gallup News, there are many more employees working from home than there were six months ago. And naturally, the home networks are likely much more exposed than they are from within a protected corporate office network. The cybersecurity threat amidst a distributed workforce is real and serious. 

HR and IT play an important role in collaborating with other departments to educate and train their remote employees on possible security risks and how to take the necessary steps to reduce those risks. These roles, along with teaching employees on how to spot attacks and then giving them the tools to mitigate and remove those risks will improve overall cybersecurity for your organization. 

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Hackers are always looking for ways to enter organizations and they have been using concerns about Coronavirus to send out emails that your employees may click on, which will give these hackers access to their personal and possibly company information, if your employee is on an unprotected personal device. 

Offering remote workers training to keep them educated and on their guard is effective, but to keep your organization more secure, offer your remote employees devices with extra security measures so they are not using personal devices to log into the company network and then exposing your data to hackers. 



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