Asurion Enterprise - The real struggle of remote employees - How to remove tech headaches.

3 Dec 2020

When it comes to tech, more is not always better. The more gadgets and apps you have, the more opportunity there is for disaster to strike, and for tech headaches to emerge.  

More tech also means more tech troubleshooting that employees will have to do on their own. Keep it simple and encourage employees not to overload their home internet with too many apps and devices that drain bandwidth and decrease productivity. 

The real struggle of remote employees. How to remove tech headaches.

Tech Headaches Halt Productivity

When technology fails a remote worker, productivity can quickly grind to a halt. Slow internet speeds, software issues and lack of proper software, app crashes, low-quality or crashing video chat apps, and sub-par workstations (such as the kitchen table with that hard wooden chair) are very real detriments to the bottom line. And what happens when the internet slows because everyone in the neighborhood is logged on to watch streaming videos, engage in online school, and work from home? Who is the IT department that will come and help reset the router or position it better in the house? More often than not, employees are now the IT department in the field trying to deal with these real problems. 

When it comes to the home WiFi network, internet speeds will definitely lag behind the corporate office, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. It may be time to update the out-of-date router to a new speedier mesh network, or move the router to a more central spot in the house. If it is really slow, it may be time to contact the service provider to update internet speeds in the home.  

Sometimes when there is not an option to increase speed, or bandwidth slows to the point of being non-productive, the employee’s cellphone may have the option to share its data with devices around it. This WiFi option may also cost extra, but when the internet is needed to get work done, it may be an option worth investigating. 

From the many tabs we have open on our screens with small writing, to robotic sounding video calls that are always cutting out because of internet issues, remote workers need support when working from their homes. Give them the support they need to be a productive member of your organization. A new perk may be paid home broadband or WiFi hotspots to go with their company phones and laptops. An extra-large screen would go a long way, along with an ergonomic chair to keep them comfortable throughout the day. 

Take care of your remote employees and they will take care of you!



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